Omni-anchoring belt - How to buy     

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The pack includes:
Omni-anchoring belt.
Plasticized instructions.
Belt pouch.
Support (phone & email).

Spare parts
The snap hook and the anchoring line are sold separately (see references in part list).

Warranty 1 year (covering parts and work time) against defective parts.  

San Miguel Design 4 Sea EIRL hereby certifies that the features and  the data on mechanical resistance presented in the data sheet are correct.

Warning. The belt may cause lumbar lesions in case of fall overboard. It does not replaces  anti-fall equipment like for instance a harness and a tether.

Disclaimer. The omni-anchoring belt generally helps to damp the shocks and preserves stability, inasmuch as it is not damaged, it is correctly installed and anchored and it is used in a place where there is no risk of falling overboard.

However its use is no warranty that you will preserve your stability in any circumstance, nor that you will avoid all the shocks nor that you will never fall. San Miguel Design 4 Sea EIRL cannot be considered liable in any manner for any consequence of the use of the omni-anchoring belt.

Order by email at Contact               Price list        Sales conditions