The company


Design 4 Sea (D4S) is a personal company (EIRL) founded by Maite San Miguel in 2012. It is in Hendaye (France), in the Basque Country, at the frontier between France and Spain.

Design 4 Sea is a family business. Maite runs the business and Eric (a former research engineer) is in charge of design and engineering.

D4S designs, manufactures and sells safety equipment and materials for boating (see Patents). 

The safety devices are hand-made, here in Hendaye. 

The materials are technology transfers from former R&D projects to boating. They are manufactured by other companies.

Maite and Eric use aboard the equipment and materials presented here. Everything passed the test of long offshore cruising (see Matxitxako - Horn).


In 2013, D4S started a big project: sails 4 south, custom sailboat for austral seas.

Company data

San Miguel - Design 4 Sea EIRL, 
Registration number 538 588 278 
Registre du Commerce et des Sociétés de Bayonne, France, 2012 A85 
Date: August 29, 2012
6 Rue des Champs, C12, 64700 Hendaye
European VAT number FR 53 538 588 278