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San Miguel - Design 4 Sea EIRL, 
Registration number 538 588 278 
Registre du Commerce et des Sociétés de Bayonne, France, 2012 A85 
Date: August 29, 2012
6 Rue Marcel Paul, 64700 Hendaye
European VAT number FR 53 538 588 278

hereby identified as D4S

1 - Purchase orders can be placed to D4S by email, contact form or phone. The order must provide explicit instructions about delivery.

2 - Prices are published in the present web site, expressed in Euros, including VAT but NOT delivery. The prices applied to a purchase order are those published at the date of reception.

3 - The minimal amount of an order is 20 euros (VAT free) except for spare parts ordered by the owners of safety devices produced and/or distributed by D4S.

4 - Delivery costs are computed according to the instructions of the purchase order. Costs and delays are determined by the shipping company, not by D4S.

5 - Proforma bill. After reception of the order D4S emails a proforma bill. The customer proceeds to payment only if he or she agrees with the proforma. 

D4S considers a proforma bill necessary to prevent mistakes.

6 - Payment can be done by bank transfer or by check following the instructions of the proforma. 

D4S does not accept online payment because it is incompatible with a proforma bill. 

7 - Date of value. Payment is considered effective when the totality of the amount of the proforma is available on D4S bank account.

8 - Sending date.  D4S sends the purchased goods within the delay indicated in the proforma bill, counted from the date of value. 

The delay between sending and delivery is the responsibility of the shipping company, not of D4S.

9 - Loss or damage during delivery will be solved conjointly by D4S and the shipping company.  D4S pledges that the customer will receive the purchased goods  but is not responsible for the delay.

10 - Cancellation and refund are possible within 7 days after reception of the goods. 

After this delay they are not accepted without a major reason. D4S is entitled to accept or reject freely the cancellation, and in case of acceptance D4S keeps 10% of the amount paid for administrative costs.

11 - Returning purchased goods.  In case of cancellation after the goods have been sent, the customer returns them to D4S at his/her own expense. D4S proceeds to refund only after reception of the goods. 

In case the goods are damaged, D4S keeps part - or the totality of the amount paid to compensate for the damage. D4S is entitled to determine freely the amount of said compensation.

12 - Warranty. In case the warranty applies, the customer sends back the defective items at his/her own expense. D4S returns replacement items only after reception of the defective ones. 

D4S cannot be held responsible for the delay in delivering the replacement items.

conditions-fra  conditions-esp