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Personal safety


Personal safety
select your self-rescue device (html)


APAVE Sud Europe (2012) Self-rescue tether - results of laboratory tests of norm ISO 12401 pdf (details:  pdf, pdf).
Warning: complete certification requires product conformity AND production process conformity.

Design 4 Sea (2013) Personal safety at sea for single-handed and short-handed crews (pdf) (html)

Design 4 Sea (2013) Fall overboard: mortal risk for single-handed and inexperienced short-handed crews (html)

Design 4 Sea (2014). Sea clothing and safety risks (html)

Design 4 Sea (2016). Elevated and centered deck safety lines (html)

Patents and utility models

Self-rescue tether: FR2979097 A1.  publication date 2013 02 22.

Omni anchoring belt: FR2991590 A3.  publication date 2013 12 13.

Ultra light insulating layer: FR2989564 A3. publication date 2013 10 25.

Sail Battens with symmetrical stability: to come.

previous patent: WO2012045893 A1, publication date 2012 04 12.