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2017 12 16 - Yves Le Blevec and the  trimarán Actual capsize at Cape Horn in the night of Dec. 14
The capsizing is due to a break (arm). Skipper rescued by an helicopter of the Chilean Navy, boat adrift. The weather conditions were ugly during the week, with gale force winds on Monday and Wednesday.
The yachts that sail to Cape Horn from Puerto Williams and Puerto Toro were waiting for better conditions. Sonabia was in Puerto Williams, completing her preparation for the season.

2017 10 20 - Guy Bernardin lost at sea.
He left the USA on August 9th with his new yacht, Crazy Horse. No news since August 15th. Sail ship found by a merchant vessel at the end of September, latitude of Cape Cod. Empty and messy (source: talk between Bernardin's son and a common friend).
Guy Bernardin was co-organizer and participant of the Long Road 2018. A great seaman, which loved the sea more than publicized challenges.

2017 07 27 - Minimal amount of orders: 20 euros
Since July 27 2017, the minimal amount is 20 euros (does not apply to replacement parts of safety devices).

2017 05 25 - Death at sea - Accident report from MAIB

MAIB - investigation report 7/2017 - Report on the investigation of two fatal accidents. Available at

2016 09 12 - Self-rescue plugin

A version of the self-rescue tether to be used with an existing certified harness tether. A lightweight device with an attractive price.

For competition and/or to reuse existing safety devices.
Read here.

To discover at the Grand Pavois de la Rochelle 2016, in the stand of Croix du Sud Marine.

2016 04 24 - Elevated and centered deck safety lines

We tested elevated and centered deck safety lines during the travel Mares del Sur (2015 2016). A huge step forward for deck safety. Read here.

2015 09 07 - Thigh strap

We previously warned about the importance of croch straps. A test at sea showed that inadequate crotch straps  may cause serious problems when dragged in the water.

D4S now builds a removable thigh strap. Simple, ergonomic and safe in case of fall overboard. Can be used with any tether and harness/ life jacket.

2015 08 16 - Viking life jackets.

Life jackets and packs. D4S now distributes viking life jackets that match the self-rescue tether. The models have been selected by Viking France and tested at sea during self-rescue. 

2015 03 14 - Shackles: simplification and competitive prices.

Direct sale only. Shackles are sold exclusively on this site, without any intermediary. This allows us to lower the prices.  

Removable anti-shafing tubular strap on standard and heavy duty shackles. Can be removed when there is no risk of abrasion. Can be replaced to enlarge the lifespan of the shackle.

Safety washer on ultra light shackles. Prevents the knob from slipping out of the loop. Simpler than the former system (safety rope).  

2014 12 01 - Self rescue tether: 10%  price increase from January 2015. 

Explanation: increased statutory charges and general expenses, increase in the price of some supplies. 

Our policy of low margins means that we have to reflect any increase in costs to the final prices.