Anchoring Belt by Design 4 Sea 

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The omni anchoring belt holds you to any strong point inside the cabin and on the deck. It helps you to stand  still with both hands free, even in rough seas.

It provides the intermediate protection level between two extremes:
- heavy deck safety gear oriented to prevent fall overboard .
- nothing,   "one hand for the boat, one hand for the sailor". 

The belt itself is a lumbar strap, with quick fastener and size adjustment (unique size).  
The anchoring line forms a loop around the strong point. 
It is slightly stretchable in order to damp the shocks and provide comfort.

Total weight ~200g.

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Price: 61 euros VAT inc., delivery not included. 

Spare parts: see complete price list

Availability: in stock (updated 2015 08 16)

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