Omni-Anchoring Line  by Design 4 Sea 

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The omni anchoring line holds you to any strong point inside the cabin and on the deck. It helps you to stand  still with both hands free, even in rough seas.

The anchoring line forms a loop around the strong point. It is slightly stretchable in order to damp the shocks and provide comfort.

It provides an intermediate protection level:
- temporary protection against fall overboard (holding tight and close to a central strong point)
- protection against falls inside the cabin

The anchoring line is installed on a deck safety device:

- self-rescue tether and in general any tether to provide a temporary anchoring point. It is a lightweight and comfortable alternative to "Y" tether (tether with 2  lines and 2 snap hooks).

- any harness and life jacket to provide the advantages of the  omni-anchoring belt belt while wearing your deck gear.

The pack includes:

1.40cm elastic line (double Technora-polyester elastic rope, knotted)

Lightweight snap hook Kong series 705.08, 8 mm. diameter, polished aluminium

Snaphook fastener (2 mm. dyneema-polyester rope).

Use: like  omni-anchoring belt. See instructions (pdf)

Price: 20 euros VAT inc., delivery not included. 

Spare parts: see complete price list

Availability: in stock (updated 2015 08 16)

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