Thigh strap by Design 4 Sea 

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We already emphasized the importance of crotch straps. 

A test at sea (july 2015) showed that unfit or poorly tightened thigh straps may cause serious problems when dragged in the water.

The life jacket is displaced, the tether shifts towards the chin and pushes your head down in water.

thigh strap loose...                    pulled by the tether

Simple, ergonomic and safe.

The thigh strap holds your life jacket firmly in position when you are dragged in water.

Because the thigh strap is secured to the tether instead of the life jacket, you can wear it loosely without inconvenience.

Adjust the thigh strap like in photos: loose at rest, stretched when pulling the tether upwards.


Any tether secured at the front of the life jacket by means of a snaphook or a textile loop.

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Price: 15 euros VAT inc., delivery not included. 

Availability: 3 days (updated 2016 03 17)

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