Anchoring line and self-rescue tether

Los Mares del Sur travel2016 01 03, 1320utc, position 54o28S, 065o36W

Single-handed sailing north of the Strait of Le Maire, running under stay sail alone (strong winds are arriving), wearing life jacket and a self-rescue tether equipped with an anchoring line. Used with centered deck safety lines.


The anchoring line serves as double anchoring for the tether, it is light and its length is adjustable.

In case of bad weather, both the tether and the anchoring lines are secured. 
- while moving, both are secured to the deck line.
- while working, the tether is secured to the closest strong point.

With this double anchoring, it is not mandatory to remain beyond the red holding strap.

Dangerous urban legend busted: "It is impossible to go overboard on my boat" (heard from an experienced sailor). 
See in the video how to go overboard,  even with a short tether (1.35m) and centered deck lines.

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