Self-rescue tether

Tutorial - how to use the self-rescue tether

Tutorial in French by Jean-Baptiste Ternon, Copyright(c) 2014 Voiles et Voiliers. 
Published with permission of J-B Ternon and Voiles et Voiliers. 
Demo at sea recorded on the sailship of the naval architect Jean-Pierre Brouns.

Self-rescue at the bow, tether partially blocked

The most dangerous situation: falling at the bow, last section of the tether blocked. 

See the new technique to pull the straps with both hands!

Self-rescue at 5 knots

Self-rescue at 4 knots

First tests - boat adrift

Offshore, single handed

Anchoring line and self-rescue tether

Used with elevated deck safety lines

watch video

Omni-anchoring belt

Used with elevated deck safety lines

Elastic rope

Shock absorber for genoa sheet

Tiller blocker

Insulating layer - dampness

"There is no dampness in a sailboat". Heard from a boat seller, La Rochelle Boat Show, September 2012. See by yourself. 

External videos

Capsize and overboard at Zumaia

Zumaia, Spanish Basque Country: breaking wave and capsize at the entry of the channel, 4 men overboard (February 27, 2014), recorded by Gabi Aymat.

Dragged overboard at different speeds - tests with dummy 

PBO (Practical Boat Owner, Summer 2012), dummy overboard trials with tethers.